4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

Pinterest now drives 60% of my blog traffic. It’s a valuable source of traffic that I profit from in different ways. Because yes, Pinterest can make money!

I have explained below four different ways to make money from Pinterest traffic.

Make money on Pinterest using product pin images.

Make money on Pinterest through pins that lead to blog posts (and sales funnels)

Make money on Pinterest through affiliate programs for your products

Make money on Pinterest through affiliate links

4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest
4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

1 – Make Money on Pinterest with Product Pins

There are many ways to make money from your presence on Pinterest (with or without a blog). One of the most widely used and popular ways to make money with Pinterest is to use an awareness pin chart, a product pin chart, or a promotional (advertising) pin chart.

For example, let’s say you want to launch a product on your website. You can harness the power of the Pin image by posting an attractive image of the product or service you are currently offering. This visual alone will capture the curiosity of pinners and get them to click on the pin. Once they do, they will be sent to your product sales page, where they can make a purchase.

To activate product pins, you first need to verify your website and enable “Rich Pins,” but it’s all straightforward. You can verify your website by reading this article: How to verify your website on Pinterest.

Product pins are a bit different. They allow pinners to make purchases directly on the Pinterest platform without leaving that platform. This is currently only available to specific people or advertisers, and you must apply to be accepted.

2 – Making money on Pinterest through pins posted directly to blog posts (and in sales channels)

Another way to profit from your presence on Pinterest is to drive traffic to your blog or website. Bloggers can also use this method to make money through Pinterest, as most bloggers monetize their content through ads (or sales channels.) Display ad programs such as Adsense exemplify how bloggers can make money from advertisers. If your blog gets enough traffic, then some of those visitors will click on any ads you serve, which is how Adsense or other ad serving companies pay the blog owner. A large number of visitors equals more clicks on the ads you place. This translates into increased revenue for you.

The situation is a little more complicated for bloggers who send clicks through a sales funnel. You must first own the product you promote (e.g., training courses). Second, you need to have a form to fill out that visitors will give you their email in exchange for something free (e.g., an e-book).

So far, everything we have discussed has been a “passive” way to profit from your Pinterest profile. We will now discuss how to benefit directly from your presence on Pinterest.

4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest
4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

3 – Make money on Pinterest through affiliate programs for your products

If you have created and are selling a product, you should consider taking advantage of the high engagement rate of other users in your niche on Pinterest and ask them to join your affiliate program. These pinners will then promote the products you sell in blog posts, etc. Promote their affiliate links, which will help you make more sales. That’s right. You have to manage an affiliate internet marketing program, but the additional sales should more than makeup for the time needed to manage it.

4 – Make money on Pinterest through affiliate links

If you want to make money on Pinterest without a blog, your products, or an e-commerce site, you can try affiliate marketing. You can make money through affiliate marketing through commissions.

You may have heard in the past that Pinterest has removed the ability to share affiliate links. But they have changed their decision and improved their spam detection system. You can read more about this topic here: Pinterest now allows the use of affiliate links.

Where can I find affiliate products to promote on Pinterest?

The easiest is still to have your own Amazon membership program.

Amazon even gives you tips on using Amazon partner links on Pinterest here!

Disclaimer: Please make sure you start sharing Pinterest affiliate links without reading the Pinterest terms and conditions and the affiliate program you belong to.

However, suppose you want to share Amazon affiliate links. In that case, I recommend that you send visitors to a login page, blog post, or page on your website with a relevant Amazon affiliate link. This ensures seamless and hassle-free affiliate promotion through Pinterest if Amazon or Pinterest decide to change their affiliate link policy.

4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest
4 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

In addition, it will provide you with the opportunity to build brand awareness and grow your subscriber list. This can help you earn future affiliate commissions by encouraging new Pinterest audiences to provide you with their email addresses. Through these emails, you will promote other affiliate products or your products or services to them.


Of course, the image of the product you are selling should be of high quality. It would help if you made it a habit always to post pin images that attract clicks to any blog post, product, or service you share. It’s all about the pictures on Pinterest, so consider this when deciding what images to attach to whatever you’re selling.

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