This Blog will show you four ways to make Money on the Internet. Legally this is 2022: Dropshipping, Web Design, Affiliate Marketing, and Instagram.


Dropshipping is a shipping and delivery method where the seller does not ship or store their products. Once the seller receives an order, he buys it from a third party (supplier) who has a stock of his product and arranges the shipment to the end customer. As a result, the merchant (seller) does not handle the product.

Usually, Drop shipping is done with Shopify and Aliexpress; Shopify gives you the necessary tools to create an online store in minutes, import products, payment gateways, and all the integrations required to sell online.

With Aliexpress, you will have access to thousands of suppliers that can ship products to the end customer with the Dropshipping model. Thanks to Shopify, you can automate the process with great ease.
Below I recommend you some articles where I show you how to do all this step by step;


How to Make Money with Dropshipping?

  1. Find a product to sell
  2. Create an Online Store
  3. Promote your Product
  4. Once you have sold, buy the product from the Dropshipping Supplier.

You will get the margin of the price you have put on your product and the cost of the supplier’s product. Example: You sell a product at 10€, and it costs you 5€; the margin is 5€.

The first thing we have to do to make Money with Dropshipping is creating our Online Shop. I recommend Shopify, register, and start your Online Shop Free for 14 days here – Shopify Free 14 days.

Once you have your Shopify and your Online Store created with imported products, integrated domain, etc … it’s time to sell.

Find a sales channel, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Comments, or WhatsApp … You have plenty of options to promote your Online Store, my recommendation?

If you already have an audience created either with your Instagram or Facebook account, promote your E-Commerce there; if you do not get to generate many sales, which is most likely, launch marketing campaigns with Facebook or Google Ads, target your potential customers with suitable ads and scale, you must keep track of expenses and income every day to avoid losing Money.

As you may have seen, the costs for Dropshipping are minimal, considering that Shopify is Free for the first 14 days and the essential apps you will need are free.

You can do Dropshipping for free using Shopify’s default domain and promoting the products with existing audiences; however, I recommend you invest in at least the following;

Domain – 10€ per Year
Marketing Campaigns (200-500€ enough to validate the demand for a product).
Finally, inform you that Dropshipping is an ideal business model to validate the demand for a product, you can earn a lot of Money, but if you want to create a solid brand, I recommend that once you have validated the niche and have enough margin make orders in quantity and distributes locally offering better customer service and saving production costs.

Oh, and remember that everything you learn with this business model you can always apply to any sector; if you have learned to create online stores and offer your services, if you think you can manage Facebook ads campaigns, contact companies and show them your services as a marketer, so with everything.


Web Design

One of the best paying jobs in the cost-work-benefit ratio is the Web Design service. Nowadays, creating a website is extremely easy having tools like WordPress, Elementor, or Shopify.

How to make Money creating websites?

Learn how to create a professional website – How to Create a Website with WordPress Professional
Create a budget with different web design options
Register on Calendly and create a free 15-minute meeting.
Contact companies/individuals/family and friends informing them about your services, pass them your meeting with calendly to give a professional image.
Sell yourself, inform yourself about the advantages of a website and practice, and have as many meetings as you can, and little by little, you will master your sales speech.
As you will see, offering web design services is much easier than it seems; if you want to make Money fast, this is one of the best options.

The hardest part is to master Web Design, but don’t worry; you will find plenty of resources that will solve all your questions on google and youtube.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is all about being public relations for products/services online. You sell a company’s product, and the company pays you a commission for each sale you generate.

The ways to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing are endless. You can promote the program you join with your social media, through your Blog, Paid Marketing Campaigns, Influencers, Email Marketing, etc…

Below is a blog explaining Affiliate Marketing in depth;

What is Affiliate Marketing?
How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
Sign Up for an Affiliate Program
Search for your product
Promote your product
Generate revenue per sale
Affiliate Marketing Blogs



Each Instagram account has its community of followers who interact with your content. Taking advantage of this, you have the option to promote any product either from an affiliate program or something of your own, thus monetizing your profile.

How to make Money with Instagram?

I have a Blog talking specifically about this. If you want more detailed information, click here – How to Make Money on Instagram 2020. Summarizing the Blog, these would be the top 5 ways to monetize your Instagram account:

We are working with brands with sponsored posts.
Affiliate Marketing
Open your online store
Create your website
Sell your Instagram account

If you want to learn how to grow your Instagram account, I recommend you look at the following article: – How to grow on Instagram 2020.

Conclusion | Ways to Make Money on the Internet.
Making Money online from home is easy; the tricky part is learning how to do it; you will need motivation and ambition combined with regular work, get informed, apply it and improve it.


I recommend you stick to one of the four ways to Make Money Online and inform yourself daily, and once you feel that you have already “mastered it,” apply it and be constant. At first, no one sees results, but you will see progress and achievements little by little.

The hard part will be to maintain the initial work; most people give up when you do not achieve results. Ask yourself if in your day to day you are working to achieve change; if the answer is NO, you can start with all the free resources that I have been providing you; there are no secrets, no smoke, work:

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