At what point do I start making money with Instagram?

making money with Instagram

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Instagram has rapidly grown into one of the most popular social networks.

Meanwhile, more than a billion users worldwide use this platform. Many of you even earn money with it. But at what point can you start making money with Instagram? We will explain that to you in this article.

When can you start earning money on Instagram? You can already make the first 100€ with less than 500 followers! What’s essential is an effective marketing strategy and a product that solves the problem of your target audience. Add to that a marketing plan to grow your business effectively.

But what are the requirements to make money on Instagram? We’ve broken them down into 5. points that you should follow.






Each of these points is important on your way and should not be neglected. We will explain why these points are so important and how you can influence them in the course of this article.

Activity – is one of the most critical things on Instagram. Only if you stay on the ball will you be able to push your account further and further up and achieve your desired goals.

Use the options Instagram gives you. Upload stories, and take polls to get to know your community better. You can find people who have similar interests as you through your newsfeed. If you comment and like pictures with them, you have a great chance that they will do the same with you.

Content: Your content on Instagram makes the difference between success and failure. It won’t do you any good if you upload ten posts every day whose content doesn’t match your target audience. It’s better to have a master plan of how you can add value to your target audience with targeted and quality content. This could be, for example, tips on how to perform better in a specific sport or perhaps which is the best travel destination for people on a budget.

There are plenty of ideas for good content. The trick is to package them into high-quality posts and convey them to your community. Because only if your content is goodwill Instagram users come back to your profile or even discover it.

Reach – To Get More Reach on Instagram, you must optimize your profile. This starts with your profile picture. If you’re featuring a person, be sure to show your face. If the page is about a company, the company logo is a good choice.

Pay attention to a uniform picture language in your feed. This looks serious and is crucial for a good reach on Instagram.

Instagram stories as a highlight are also an excellent way to push your profile. Usually, stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours. By adding a “highlight,” you can save these stories permanently without deleting them.

Hashtags are also a meaningful way to build reach.

Explore your industry and use hashtags that other people are using. That way, there’s a higher chance they’ll take notice of you.

Technology: Using the right technology can save you time and effort on Instagram. A camera for pictures is recommended but not mandatory. Most phones now take pretty rad shots that you can then edit directly on Instagram.

Tailwind is a program that makes posting easier for you. With this program, you can pre-schedule your posts and upload them at best possible time to reach as many users from your target audience as possible. You can also use Tailwind to analyze your posts and track likes, comments, etc.

Legal: Of course, you need to protect yourself legally to earn money with Instagram. The first thing to do is establish your company and register it in the commercial register. You should consult a specialist lawyer who can support you in all further steps. Mistakes in legal protection can be costly.

Translated with (free version)Surely you ask yourself now, how do you get more followers to build your account according to the five steps above?

It’s pretty simple, and here are a few tips as well.

1. use a unique name for your account. This should either be your real name or the name of your company. This will help users find you faster when searching for you on Instagram.

Commenting on profiles within your target audience is an excellent way to get more followers. If they post a good post, feel free to let them know by commenting with a positive saying. With any luck, these people will comment the same to you and approve of your excellent work.

3. use a direct message to contact your potential customers. Here you can ask prospects in a friendly way if they want to become B2B contacts or if you can help them. This method is straightforward but can also effectively get new customers or followers.

You can also promote your Instagram account on other social media channels. For example, many companies are also on Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. If you are active there, you can link your Instagram account.

By using descriptive hashtags, you can get new followers the fastest. 

Where you need to watch out on Instagram is surreptitious advertising. Authorities have recently issued warnings to many companies and influencers for this.

To not have to bear unnecessary costs, you should deal with this issue extensively and not take it lightly.

Surely you are asking yourself now: How much money can I make on Instagram once I work through the steps?

That depends on how many ready-to-buy followers you have. What niche you’re active in, and most importantly, what product you’re selling. If you want to start as a drop shipper, it depends on how much margin you get per sold item.

We can calculate an example from practice.

If you have a dropshipping partnership with a dog accessories supplier and receive a margin of 25%.

If one of your followers buys an item in your store that costs 50€, you will receive 12,50€ gross profit. Afterward, you have to pay taxes on this profit. So if you want to earn 3000€ gross per month, you have to sell 240 articles worth 50€.

This sounds like many articles for you, but with a good strategy, it is possible. Some drop shippers make six figures a month with this method.

To make money with Instagram, you must know your target audience. It is highly recommended to perform a target group analysis to know which people you want to reach with your account.

Be aware of who you are and who you want to reach with your business. But before that, you should develop your style in terms of language, clarity, and creativity of your content.

After that, you should think about what problems your target audience has.

Then it would be best if you found a solution to this problem. You must be able to offer your potential customers added value with your answer. Otherwise, they will not buy from you.

Then, when you have a product with the solution to your target audience’s problem, all you have to do is sell it to them. We will publish another blog about this soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us! 

We wish you all the best on your way to the top!

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