Youtube is the most famous video-sharing web platform in the world. Every day the site has nearly 5 billion video views and (although the data are constantly updated) currently records over 1.5 billion unique daily users globally and more than 20 million in Italy alone. Moreover, on average, users spend 1 hour a day watching videos on YouTube.

Among the activities that have become more established with the spread of the web is that of the YouTuber. This category is easily recognizable for the connotation of the videos they make, according to defined objectives that are generally informative, informative, or entertaining and entertaining.

For some, the YouTuber has become a real profession, perhaps born in a casual way by creating a video that went viral and got a massive number of views.

But this is just the beginning. You need to have tens of thousands of subscribers on your channel and constantly produce successful videos to earn seriously.

Consider that to receive money through advertising in your videos, and you need to meet some requirements, such as that the videos are 100% original, without violating any copyright or behavioral rules that compromise their publication.


1 Is it possible to earn with Youtube?
Earning through YouTube is possible, although the figures in most cases are far from those astronomical “Series A footballers,” as many think.
One question that arouses more interest and curiosity among users on the network is how much a YouTuber earns. Indeed, Youtube allows you to monetize with your channel about specific requirements such as the number of subscribers, views, etc… The main earning happens through the insertion of advertisements before and during the videos.

In particular, there are two different types of ads: one that you can “skip” after a few seconds and one that cannot skip. Do you know those yellow dashes you see in a video’s loading line? Those indicate when a spot or banner will appear during the video. When a user clicks to view that banner or location, the YouTuber will take a percentage of what the brand has invested in advertising on YouTube, with the rest going directly to the platform.

What’s more, if your videos receive a lot of interactions, with a high number of comments and likes, you’ll be able to enter the “YouTube partner program” and access special features. The key to success is always inevitably the audience.

At least, in theory, the pattern is simple: more views, more clicked ads, more revenue. So the first step is to sign up for Google Adsense, Google’s advertising service connected to YouTube itself, and then apply to become a YouTube partner. However, becoming part of the YouTube partnership program is neither easy nor immediate as it is necessary to meet certain conditions such as a minimum number of subscribers and hours of video viewing of your channel.

How much do you earn with YouTube?

The high earning potential of this profession is the feature that has made it very coveted among young people. Many dreams of becoming famous on YouTube, but there are very few who succeed in reality.

Generally speaking, one million views are worth 1,000 dollars/euro. Advertising on YouTube brings about 1 dollar/euro every 1,000 views (sometimes 50 cents, sometimes 5 dollars/euro). However, this count is valid if the advertisement is watched, but many install programs that block it while others skip it as soon as it starts.

It is, therefore, evident how difficult it is to make an accurate estimate of earnings on YouTube since there are so many parameters to take into account. Even the language represents a limitation that significantly affects possible earnings. The Italian market offers fewer possibilities, and it’s challenging to reach high numbers because the user base is much lower than the English-speaking one.

Moreover, it must be considered that earnings are gross amounts since a considerable percentage (from 30% to 50%) must be deducted from them, which will go to the affiliation partner or YouTube, and the payment of taxes on the remaining amount.

Zero -> regular accounts that do not form partnerships earn nothing from YouTube.
Low -> accounts that have between 100,000 and 500,000 monthly visits start earning something, but it can’t be considered a single full-time job.
Medium -> channels that exceed one million
Low -> accounts that have between 100,000 and 500,000 monthly visits start earning some money, but it can’t be considered a full-time job.
Medium -> channels that exceed one million monthly visits don’t already earn high amounts, but they can start dedicating themselves fully to YouTube to increase earnings.
High -> are the absolute YouTubers who have more than a million subscribers and regularly participate in shows and review and advertise products of various kinds. They are also called “influencers” since they can influence the purchases of other users.

 do you earn with YouTube?

It seems clear then that becoming popular on the web is essential but not enough. The next step to becoming prosperous with Youtube is to shift interest to the real world. In essence, the Internet is a great channel to get visibility. Still, you have to know how to get to sponsorships, books, or television broadcasts: that’s where the money comes from, just from sponsorships and commercial agreements where the fees are much higher.

As demonstrated by many YouTubers in Italy who have moved from the PC screen to the TV screen (Frank Matano, The Jackal, or Clio MakeUp are just some of the most famous examples), the secret lies in exploiting the popularity of Youtube, rather than waiting to earn with only the advertising revenue given by the platform.

The activities that offer earnings in parallel to the videos are:
merchandising (gadgets, clothing, etc..);
participation in radio broadcasts, television, or events.
But how much do the best YouTubers earn today?
The essential YouTubers are undoubtedly American, and their average earnings are between 5 and 8 million dollars. And work mainly in categories such as cooking and cinema.

How much do Italian YouTubers earn?

Let’s take Favji, one of the YouTubers on the crest of the wave that deals with gameplay on PC. The figures we are talking about are about 3.4 million users, 1.5 billion views since 2012, estimated annual revenue of CDI 4.3 million euros. So doing the math, the channel FavijTV earns monthly between 22 thousand and 355 thousand euros.

How much Is the Youtuber a job for everyone?

youtube is a job for everyone
The famous Italian YouTubers are different, and the best known are certainly Favij, iPantellas, St3pNy, Yotobi, and Greta Menchi. But all these cases show that in addition to inventiveness and creativity, many other factors are needed to be successful, such as constant commitment and a flow of exciting quality content.

Even though publishing videos is free, YouTube is not a zero-cost tool; on the contrary, it’s more tiring than it may seem. The time it takes to learn the method of communication for making videos is certainly not as short or as simple as many belief.

First of all, like anything, you need ambition; it takes time, perseverance, and passion. Moreover, it is necessary to acquire professional management of your channel and skills to grow and earn. You need to know how to speak in front of a camera, learn how to create a video montage, match sounds or add text at the right time, eliminate pauses, build a custom editorial line with consistent topics to talk about, as well as know SEO, WordPress, and other tools.

Youtuber a job

Many of these skills can be delegated, but in this case, if you want to hire a truly experienced person, you often have to spend so much money that it’s probably no longer worth it in economic terms.

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