3 Methods to Change WordPress Admin Username

Today’s triple video will see a security tip related to WordPress users and brute force attacks . And it is that if you created your page with some auto installation service (typical service of most servers), it is possible that you left the admin username by default. Well, today, we are going to see 3 methods to change the admin username in WordPress.

Let’s go there!

Method 1: Delete the admin user and create a new admin user

The first method may remind you a bit of when we saw how to remove the “Uncategorized” category in WordPress. It is undoubtedly the most natural way to change the admin user in WordPress and the one I recommend. I summarize the video for you in steps:

1.- Create a new user with the administrator role.

This will be the new administrator so give it the definitive name you want and a strong password that you can remember. I leave you linked to this tip where we saw how to add users, in case you are not clear.

2.- Log out to close the session

Click on the sign-out.

3.- Log in with the new user

Enter again, but this time with the data of the new administrator that you just created.

4.- Delete the admin user

Go to the user list and locate the user to admin. Pressing delete will ask you to assign all the content created by this user to another. So choose your new admin user here.

And that’s it; you already have a new administrator user with the name you wanted.

Method 2: Rename the admin user with a plugin

If you want to do it in a more straightforward way, there is still a plugin called Username Changer for it. If you don’t have time for the video, I’ll leave it here for you in steps:

1.- Install and activate the Username Changer plugin

If you have just started and are not sure about this, I leave you this tip where I explain how to install WordPress plugins, but I also do it live in the video.

2.- Go to the admin user

Go to the Users list and click edit on the admin user.

3.- Click where it says Change Username

As you can see, a new option has appeared that says Change Username. Press it, and you will see that now if it lets you change the name from here without problems. Pressing save changes will take you out of the session, and you will have to log in again with the new data.

4.- Deactivate and uninstall the Username Changer plugin

You don’t need to have this plugin installed all the time. To disable it and delete it.

And voila, you have already changed the admin username that usually comes by default in WordPress.

Method 3: Change the admin username in WordPress from the database

And finally, a method that is also very simple but somewhat more advanced. Because you already know that messing with the database can be dangerous if you don’t know very well what you’re doing. Existing the previous two to change the admin username in WordPress, I don’t think you need the latter. But you know that it is the one that can give the most security to your username. In the video, I explain why.

I think it will be the first foray we make into the database. Don’t worry; we’ll see more about this later.

0.- Make a backup of the database

If we are going to get our hands on the database, it is better that you take care of yourself and make a backup. I leave you here a tutorial in which we see how to do it with the UpdraftPlus plugin .

1.- Enter the client area of your Hosting service

This step is different depending on the hosting where you have the web-hosted.

2.- Locate the C-Panel and access it.

The C-Panel is a management system that most Hosting services usually have.

3.- Locate the phpMyAdmin menu and click on it

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to the database management interface offered by phpMyAdmin, and you will be able to see all the tables in your database.

4.- Locate the user’s table

The user table is usually at the bottom of the 12 usual tables that make up the WordPress database, as I leave you in the photograph.

5.- Locate the admin user and press edit

By doing this step, you will enter that user, and you will see all the related fields. You just have to change the user_login field and put the name you want.

Then click on continue, and that’s it.

You can now exit the database and login with your new username for the admin user in your WordPress.


And so far, this WordPress tip in which, we have seen how to change the admin username in different ways. I hope you find it helpful, and if you have any problems, write to the form.

Sharing is living, my friend!!

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