15 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment, that much is obvious, but not everyone knows that getting followers to join it can be a daunting task if left to its own devices. For this reason, I’ve come up with a series of tips you should know, whether you have a profile or a company profile, to attract followers and improve interaction with them on Instagram.

Before we get to the central question of this post, a dilemma that more than one of us has been considering, it’s important that we clarify a few points—first, more about engagement and what we know about the mysterious Instagram algorithm and how it works.

What is engagement, and what does it do on Instagram

Engagement is the ability of a person, brand, or product to create a stable and lasting connection with a specific audience. Its primary purpose is to get users to ultimately “fall in love” with us, our brand, our product, or our service and make a decision.

On Instagram, in particular, engagement rates are much higher than on any other social network. So if you’re on Instagram now or plan to be, you should know that high engagement rates translate into more leads and better results.

How do I calculate my engagement on Instagram?
In the social networking space, we can measure engagement by the content we post and the impact it has on our community. Specifically, to understand how engaged we are, we should look at the following metrics.

▪ followers

▪ likes

▪ Comments

Another type of data that may affect our engagement and that we should not ignore is

▪ Use of popular hashtags

▪ time of release

quality of the image

With the following formula, we can quickly and easily calculate the engagement on Instagram. With it, we will be able to know what percentage of the total users who have been exposed to my content have responded to it.

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

Instagram Algorithm: The Importance of Comments

Since its emergence in 2011, the operation of the Instagram social network has been simple. On Instagram’s “wall,” a person finds the latest posts shared by users he follows. In other words, the results were displayed in chronological order, regardless of their quality and the level of engagement each publication generated.

A few years later, this changed. In March 2016, the social network announced on its blog that, from that moment on, the results of the news feed would no longer be displayed in chronological order in order to highlight those publications that had generated the most interest among users. A priori, this change caused widespread discontent among the Instagrammer community.

“To improve your experience, your Instagram feed will now show the moments that matter most to you. “

The common factors that measure this “interest” are the topicality of the publication, your relationship with the publisher, and the likelihood that you might be interested in the content.

However, with the introduction of the new algorithm, Instagram has seen phenomenal growth. In less than a year, the social network has increased the number of users by 200 million, positioning itself as one of the most popular social networks of the moment.

For those who use their Instagram accounts personally and not for business purposes, this change may go unnoticed. However, brands, public figures, and influencers face a new challenge in “building a niche” in social networks, gaining followers, and ensuring their quality: finding truly valuable content for these followers and positioning them on the first results Instagram wall.

How can I attract followers and increase my engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is an ideal platform to increase the credibility of your business or personal brand, enhance your authority, create a community and build trust, position yourself and stand out from your competitors, and even gain traffic.

But for all these reasons, to be meaningful and able to work in the same direction, your presence on the Instagram social network must have a firm and effective purpose. What is yours?

Once these basic foundations have been laid, we can focus on how to increase our community of followers, and to do so, I propose the following basic practical tips. Let’s do it!

1.Show a complete and attractive profile

Once you have defined your purpose and style in your social network, you must move on to the “practical” part, and there is no better way to do that than through profile information.

They say that first impressions are the most important, and with Instagram, this statement is a no-brainer. So, if you are starting an Instagram account or already have one, you must first create an attractive biography that will grab your audience’s attention.

Make sure your username is appropriate and contains the following information.

Your skills
What you do or the services you offer
Keywords in your industry
The URL to direct traffic to

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

2.Using Bio URLs

Whether you have a business account or a profile, this part of your bio is very important. Of course, it already contains (or should contain) the URLs of the sites you want to drive traffic to via the platform, but have you considered “playing” with this resource?

For example, you could modify this link every X number of times to redirect traffic to your most recent or most popular content and add call-to-action phrases to your post, so they click on it. 3.

3.Post only once a day

The question of how much to post and when to post brings us to the regulars of this social network.

Considering that the new algorithm values engagement over posting time, it does us no good to post frequently just because we have current content.

In fact, posting too often on the same day may be counterproductive, as our publications will compete with each other, which will result in much lower engagement.

Instead of creating a second daily publication, you can choose to use stories that are used in addition to the “normal” publications, which will help you significantly increase engagement with your account. 4.

4.Be more active in your stories.

More than 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, far more than the number of users who choose Snapchat.

These numbers show that the Stories feature becoming (if it hasn’t already done so) one of the most popular features on and off the social network, which is why it shouldn’t be ignored.

In addition to being fun, Stories represent a super effective way to increase engagement. In fact, there are many users who claim to get greater engagement in their posts when combined with Stories, although the correlation between these two aspects has not been proven.

Oh! Don’t forget to use this format strategically. Add hashtags, locations, music, GIFS, etc., and give them added value with all these creative features that Instagram offers you, and they are becoming more and more available.

Featured News Stories
For example, this new story format allows you to make the most of them, highlight different aspects of your product or personality, and pin them in a dedicated slot in your profile.

You can use stories you currently create or stories you have shared before because now, they are also saved in the story file.

Oh! If you dare to use selected stories, create personalized covers for them, so you will help enhance your brand image.

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

5.Use more videos

Video is not the future …… video is now! In fact, according to HighQ, 2017 is the year of video marketing. There must be a reason why ……

We are consuming more and more information in a video format because we like it; it’s easier to “digest” and more appealing to us than images.

Many studies confirm that video helps increase the emotional connection with communities. That’s just it; if a picture is worth a thousand words by itself, then a video may tell you that.

6.Avoid bots, or you will be punished

Beware! If you are considering using bots as a resource in your strategy to attract followers on Instagram, you should know that you will be penalized, as noted in the social network’s conditions of Use.

The improved Instagram algorithm now distinguishes between real users and automated bots, so all posts made in the form will appear much less frequently in your followers’ feeds and definitely not in the “Explore” section.

Worst of all, if you are penalized, you will not receive any notification. Therefore, my advice is to exclude this resource from your program.

7.Publish when your community is most active

It’s OK to post when you like it, but don’t expect the same results as if you had posted strategically. How?

Don’t leave anything to chance. Design a planning calendar that considers not only what you’re going to post but how and when you’re going to post it.

With analytics tools like Metricool, you can determine when your community is most active and use those times to publish. Do test!

8.Engage and participate in large-scale conversations

If you really want to get your community involved, you have to give them a reason to do so. The best way to do this is to have a constant conversation with your audience.

✔ Interact! Reply to comments, don’t just like them. Say thank you, receive and greet your new followers.
Look for new followers who go beyond your limits.

✔ Scroll down the wall! Search for new followers outside of your profile and engage in conversations to get their attention.

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

9.Curate captions

Photos must be well thought out; that’s what we already know, but not left captioned. Be original, different, and interesting.

It’s true that in this social network, we have the barrier of line breaks, but you can use the Notes app on your phone or even WhatsApp conversations to compose your messages and bring them to your Instagram with a simple “cut and paste.”

My advice: Get out of the way! If you manage to find your own style in communication too, they will recognize you for it, and who knows, maybe you will create a trend.

10.Ask questions to get attention

One of the questions that come to mind for Instagram users is how to get their followers to comment on their posts. For this reason, if we consider that commenting is the focus of the new Instagram algorithm, it is crucial to encourage users to engage with our publications, not just simply to like them.

Keep copies of photo captions safe. Don’t leave anything to chance, and always seek to encourage readers to comment and even feel identified. You will see how your followers begin to interact naturally.

You may ask questions such as.

“Which one do you like best?”

“Where do you think this photo was taken?”

“Do you prefer this style or that style?”

Do you know any other ways?

See how they naturally engage their community in this example from Miin Cosmetics:

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

11.Dive into the featured section

If you visit the “Explore” section of the Instagram app, you’ll see many posts and stories from accounts you don’t even follow but are related to the type of content you typically interact with. Posts from accounts that have a lot of likes appear in this section and are usually available in a short period of time.

Therefore, appearing there will give you greater visibility and the ability to reach more users. But how do you dive into this exclusive section? The idea is that you get a lot of likes naturally in a short period of time.

One of the fastest ways may be through contests or sweepstakes that can cause a lot of user participation.

12.Run a contest

Hosting contests on your Instagram account is the ideal way to increase the reach and engagement of your posts. It’s also a very effective way for Instagram to place you in the “VIP” section of the highlights we mentioned earlier.

You can organize various types of contests or sweepstakes.

Reward the first X. I like you.
Ask them to mention X number of friends to participate.
Ask a question and reward the most original answer.
Ask them to share a retweet or story to participate.
And so on.
There are many forms and types of contests. The important thing is that you are original and that you offer a prize that is relevant to your brand. This way, you will not forget your brand.

13.Optimize the hashtags you use

Using hashtags well is another super effective way to increase engagement and reach by repeating them in the featured section.

It’s important to choose and use hashtags wisely so that they align with the content you share and the content that interests your target audience. Remember that you can use up to 30 subject tags in your posts, and those who spam too much may be penalized, so choose them strategically.

You can use tools to find and analyze hashtags, such as Hashtagify.me, Pirendo, TagsForLikes, InstagramTag, TagBlender, etc. And discover which ones best suit your style, test them and analyze if they work.

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

14.Geotarget your posts

People like to know what’s happening around them or in a certain area, so it’s important to indicate the location of posts.

When users want to know what’s happening in their neighborhood, their city, an event, etc., you can find it in the search section by clicking on the “Place” tab.

There they can search for the location they want, and all geolocation posts tagged with that location will appear. If your publications are geotargeted, you will reach more users, and you will have more chances to get followers on Instagram.

15.Bet on user-generated content

USG, or user-generated content, is any type of content created by a brand’s followers to promote it rather than doing it themselves. This content can be presented in various formats: photos, videos, posts, publications on social networks, etc.

In addition to increasing our reach, this resource is a very effective way to connect with our followers, so it is important to take this into account if we want to increase our engagement.

Studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers actively evaluate this type of content when making a purchase decision, as it features the user themselves, which helps increase trust in the brand.

On the other hand, user-generated content focuses on creating an experience for the user rather than selling a product, which helps strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

A great example of user-generated content can be seen in the Starbucks #WhiteCupContest campaign. From time to time, they celebrate this campaign, in which they ask users to decorate the company’s typical glasses and upload photos with the corresponding thematic hashtags. The strategy proved to be successful and generated incredible activity on social networks.

16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!
16 tips to increase Instagram engagement and attract more followers!

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