13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

Although our favorite method of making money doing SEO is by starting your own home-based business, if you’re interested in finding a job for a company doing SEO, we recommend completing these requirements so you can get a job that pays well:

This way, you can have everything you need to find a job as an SEO and get hired quickly.

Best ways to make money with SEO in 2022.
After completing an SEO course and acquiring the necessary skills, these are the recommended ways to start generating income:

13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

1 Offer SEO services over the Internet.

You can find companies that need your services on Internet marketing forums (ForoBeta) or Facebook groups and offer your SEO services.

You can also offer your services on freelance sites such as Upwork.

Depending on the project, the rates you can charge vary, but setting a fixed amount per month for your services is expected.

This will be one of the best ways to make money online if you want to make extra money doing SEO for Google.

2 Make money doing SEO on Fiverr

Do you find that starting to make money with SEO is difficult? Then this method will be for you. How will you find companies that will pay you to do SEO?

This works exceptionally well if you offer something that the competition doesn’t provide. For example: if you have connections with Blogger, followers on your Instagram / Facebook page, or a private blog network (known as a PBN).

You’d be surprised how many people need these things and are willing to pay you to care for them.

3 Have your blog

Having your blog + having SEO knowledge will be one of the best ways to make money. You will be surprised how many bloggers publish helpful content but don’t know how to get Google to rank them correctly.
Publish quality content and add Google AdSense ads and helpful affiliate marketing offers for your readers.

We assure you that you will be able to start earning money passively, and you will be able to free up your time from your income (you can even make money while you sleep).

13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

4 Affiliate Marketing + SEO

This is one of the ways to make more money doing SEO: affiliate marketing. Your job will be to create your websites and use your skills to rank them on Google.


You’ll need to find a profitable niche (see a list of the best places for 2022). The site can be anything from a simple three-page site to a twenty-page site.

You can start creating them with a fast and cheap hosting service that allows you to have different sites on a single plan. You will need to create exciting content to get traffic and use an affiliate marketing service.

The affiliate program we have had the best results with is Amazon. Being accepted is very easy, and in a short time, you will start earning money.

Landing Pages.

As you gain more experience with SEO, you’ll find that landing pages are easy to set up and test quickly. With these pages, you will be able to try new SEO strategies and see what works to rank a page soon.

These pages work best if you use a company like Clickbank to make money with affiliate marketing. For example, you could promote a book of solutions for insomnia and earn money for each sale generated.

We like this strategy because you won’t have to write the book/course, provide customer service or worry about collecting payment. >> Details: What is ClickBank, and how does it work?

5 Find a job as an SEO

This area of SEO is the hardest to reach, but it is usually the most stable. This way to make money with SEO is the most traditional: find a long-term job for a company (what is known as a “traditional job”).

Check out open SEO job positions. Aside from creating your resume, having a website showcasing your successful projects and websites will give you a significant advantage in getting hired. Very few companies are usually interested in your SEO education if you can show tangible results of your work.

13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

6 Do SEO for local businesses

How to start making money: Talk to some business owners in your area and offer them your SEO services for a monthly fee (the average usually ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the size of the business).

This line of work is known as SEO consulting, and it’s one of the best ways to build a home-based business in 2022.

Everyone needs a better Google ranking. Business owners are always looking for more customers, so we assure you that search engine optimization will not go out of style and will be increasingly necessary for decades to come.

7 Create an authority site

Making money with an authority site will be a long-term strategy that will become VERY REMUNERATIVE. We can say that this is the way to make the most money with SEO.

It would help if you started by building a site about something you are passionate about. Otherwise, you are very likely to fail. Then you can create and publish content that is useful to your readers. Remember that your mission is not only to create links from important sites. Your primary task should provide content of great value to your audience.

8 Sell courses online

Anyone can write or record a course, but not everyone will be able to get enough traffic to earn enough money. This is one of the best methods to make money doing SEO.

Start by finding a passionate topic (e.g., programming). Then find a problem that needs a solution (e.g., how to start programming without fear). Record a course teaching others how to solve this problem and use your SEO skills to get the word out about your system.

It’s pretty awesome to invest your time upfront in a product and watch it sell like hotcakes. By applying your SEO knowledge, you’ll get free advertising, as you won’t have to pay for advertising and get organic traffic from Google.

13 Ways Recommended experience in finding an SEO job

9 Create a tool for SEO

If you know to program, you can make even more money by combining your expertise with SEO. Even if you are not a programming expert, you can partner with an expert developer to build your idea.

The SEO business changes rapidly, and opportunities to create new tools are constantly popping up. The most successful SEO tools focus on: identifying a need in the market and solving it. Do the same.

Ask yourself: what is something that could make my SEO tasks easier? With the right idea, some resources, and an open mind, you can make thousands of dollars a month with this method.

10 Resell products on Amazon

Have you ever considered selling a physical product on Amazon and taking advantage of this store’s massive traffic? Knowing about SEO will give you the absolute edge over other sellers.

Selling on Amazon is easy; anyone can do it, but your SEO knowledge will help you leverage the authority of Amazon’s site and rank at the top of Google.

11 Your online store

Knowing about SEO will help you incredibly when launching your online store. How about selling your merchandise or reselling products imported from China with your eCommerce site?

Use a service like Shopify to start your online store. You’ll be able to do it in less than 30 minutes by following this guide and then begin SEOing your website to attract customers to your store. Shopify makes it so easy to create your store that your job will be to find product suppliers and optimize your store’s SEO.

12 Capture prospects / possible customers

Many companies will pay you to get prospects interested in a particular service. For example, mortgage companies spend a lot of money for each candidate or provide the information of each person interested in buying a house.

You will need to agree with a business owner and set a fee for each lead you send them.

13 Write for other websites

Nowadays, good writing on the Internet is very well paid. The problem is that anyone can write, but very few effectively capture the audience.

Write SEO-optimized articles and reviews and work with blogs, sales pages, e-books, and email newsletters.

Writing for websites is an excellent starting point for making money doing SEO. Also, more and more companies are paying you up to $50 for writing an excellent quality article.

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