12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

The Internet has democratized the concept of “work” and has made it possible for many people to work on what they are passionate about.

Even if you have a traditional job, you can monetize their hobbies, making them compatible with your job.

And if you’re wondering how to make this a reality and put it into practice, the answer is Shopify. The platform with which to get started in the eCommerce world is free. Start NOW:

You have 14 days free to create your online store. The digital transformation of business leaves us with endless opportunities to make money. Today you will know some of them.

Those activities can be weekend jobs or free time, and that you can put into practice to earn extra income without leaving home.

Is it possible to earn extra money without working endless hours?
This is probably one of the million-dollar questions? The answer is yes,

Making you a millionaire overnight is a little short of utopia. If you thought this extra earning money from home was a “piece of cake,” forget it. Understand that “making money online” and ” easy ” concepts rarely go hand in hand.

This is exactly what prevents many entrepreneurs from making extra money from home doing what they are passionate about. It is a widespread belief among people starting online, encouraged in part by the false “gurus” of online business.

They “promise” a lot of money, straightforward, in exchange for some “miraculous” guide. Thanks to your passion or hobbies, you have to work with perseverance and strategically to make money online.

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

1.- Create your online store

Would you like to start a business that you can run from the comfort of your own home?

Every time someone asks the million-dollar question: how to make money online from home in Spain, the first thing that comes to my mind is an online store. The statistics speak for themselves: in 2019, the eCommerce sector reached an estimated turnover of about 33.5 billion euros in our country.

And without taking into account the time of confinements we went through last year, in 2020, we witnessed a radical behavior change when it comes to consumption.

Creating your online store is no longer a matter of a few. With Shopify, you can have your own business in minutes. And you know what? You’re just seven steps away from getting it, including the 14-day free trial link!

Creating an online store is also an entrepreneurial opportunity within reach of anyone looking for a weekend job that brings in some extra income.

Start in your spare time, and if your business works, you can scale it and turn your hobby into your primary source of income later on.

2.- Remote Consulting

Are you good in your professional area and want to guide others on how to do it?

As a consultant, your tasks will be to:
Advising other companies or professionals on a business specialty.
Helping to solve problems they may have in the company, whether technical or organizational.
You must have a lot of experience in your sector and master it to perfection – who knows what kind of problems you may encounter!

It is a way to earn money to enhance your brand and do what you like the most. But keep in mind that for your expertise to have more appeal, you need a good reputation and experience.

Share value content to your followers and gradually create a loyal community. Among them may be your potential customers!

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

3.- Sell courses

If you decide to give training and sell your courses, you have even more time flexibility than consulting.

You don’t even have to be present to earn extra money with your training.

Prepare a course with time, with the format that best suits what you will teach, and upload it on a specialized platform.

Do you want some examples?
Do you want to go further?
You can create your eCommerce where you can sell your courses related to the activity you specialize in.

Who knows, maybe eventually this will become a specialized school. There are courses on any subject and people interested in buying them: Yoga, cooking, marketing, make-up, astrology…

4.- Trading

Who has not heard of Wall Street? Making money with shares in the stock market was for many an unattainable dream, but thanks to technology, today, it is possible to do it even from our mobile devices.

And it is no longer just a matter of buying shares in X or Y companies; now, anyone can start investing in simpler models that generate income almost immediately, such as binary options or Forex.

Trading is a profitable way to generate income, but you must be very careful with this type of income, as many people have lost excessive amounts of money.

Never invest more money than you are willing to lose, and always think cold.

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

5.- Selling photographs on the Internet

Photographs and other multimedia content are reasonably demanded products on the Internet and, therefore, a way to earn extra money thanks to your talent.

The online world needs graphic resources to illustrate the millions of digital content generated every day, and the more original they are, the better!

Getting started is very easy. All you have to do is register on microstock photo sites and offer your work there.

Do you prefer to start your website where you showcase a complete gallery of your work? Take advantage of your love for the camera to earn extra money. Use your talent to generate images and photos in your spare time.

6.- Digital freelance copywriter or writer

The textual content has its market. Are you good at writing and searching for information about specific topics?

Spelling, syntax, and reading comprehension.
Content curation
Internet skills
Basic knowledge of SEO and keyword usage.
There are already tens of thousands of people who generate extra income writing for companies or Digital Marketing agencies from home.

Free Download: SEO Checklist
Want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist. And what’s more, while juggling it with your regular job.

7.- Private tutor of any subject

Are you good at any subject, and do you dare to tutor from home?

With the new digital school modalities, it is straightforward to have a fluid communication between teacher-student.

So much so that even piano lessons are taught online. An excellent way to earn extra money from your own home while helping people who need extra help or a “push” in some subjects.

Do you want a very successful variant?

This way of monetizing from home is already being followed by students of competitive examinations, who receive classes and explanations recorded by teachers who are also civil servants.

They are 100% aware of the difficulty of a competitive examination, so they offer in their free time to resolve any doubts.

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

8.- Personal trainer

Acknowledge it! You also feel overwhelmed by the speed of everyday life, and it isn’t easy to find time to go to the gym to exercise.

There is a great demand for personal trainers who offer their services to teach their sessions via videoconference and even Instagram live!

If you are an expert in any fitness modality, what are you waiting for to earn some extra money by having your students?

More and more people are training from home and are looking for a professional to follow them.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to sell on the Internet, and we are missing reasons! It requires little (or no) investment. You don’t even need your product to start selling.

It may be one of the best ways to make money from home in Spain without investing in the product. So how do we start? You need a website to set up your online store and one or more suppliers.

With platforms like Oberlo, you can get suppliers quickly and automatically start with this business model.No need for inventory, stocks, or taking care of deliveries. So much only helps to connect the customer with the supplier.

10.- Promote affiliate products

This sales modality is similar to dropshipping: the product you are selling is from a third party.

But this method is more straightforward! You have to promote a product with a unique code or URL and have people buy through it. You get a commission for each sale you get.

What are the downsides?

The potential earnings are less succulent than drop shipping, but can it bring you extra money or go out for the weekend for a whim?

Find a company that works with an affiliate system.
Analyze and select which products may have the highest acceptance and demand by users.
Promote your products strategically over the Internet.

12 ways to earn extra money in 2022

11.- Selling face masks

After the pandemic has passed through our lives, wearing face masks has become an everyday part of everyday life.

Do you have a talent for garment making? Then this is a fantastic idea to earn extra money. The demand for face masks has increased exponentially in the last year. Just take a look at Google Trends:

Its search for success may no longer be like it was in the early days of the pandemic. But the reality is blunt: It started as a makeshift method to fight the virus. And now, it has been integrated into our lives to the point that some try to match it with their outfits as much as possible.

You can do it from home, online store, or on social networks. There are many alternatives you have to carry out this little weekend job, putting into practice your passion for sewing.

Keep in mind that you are manufacturing a delicate and essential health product (even more so in the wake of the pandemic). Once you manufacture them, please find out how to get the appropriate approval to sell them throughout the EU.

12.-Working as a virtual assistant

It is a profession unknown to most people and with opportunities to develop a career and earn extra money.

It consists of performing specific administrative management tasks and the organization of projects for a company or independent professional. Working remotely is the least important thing; what matters are the results.

And how much am I going to charge for it?
Most of the time, it’s hourly, although it depends on the agreement you reach with the employer – flexibility of schedules here is assured!
Be the one to quantify the price/hour of your work yourself. It’s up to the brand to decide if it’s a good fit.

You can offer your services as a virtual assistant on job boards, forums, or even on social networks like LinkedIn.

So if you have organizational skills and like to bring order to chaos, this career, increasingly in demand, can become your way to earn extra money from home.

As you can see, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of ideas to start a business that fits your life and your schedule.

If it’s clear that earning “easy” money without lifting a finger is quite surreal and that you will have to work to get it, you’re already halfway there! Now think about which of these options is your favorite and which work.

Ideally, your job to generate extra income should be related to your passion, so you should be able to work at it.

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