12 great resources to learn WordPress for beginners

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems to date. People love WordPress because it’s so easy to use. However, if you start digging deeper, you’ll find that there’s a lot to learn about WordPress.

Also, learning WordPress means that you can build different types of websites. With WordPress, you can create an e-commerce site, a news portal, an online portfolio, a discussion forum, etc. There are tons of resources on the Internet, but not all of them are credible. We’ve created a list of the best resources for learning WordPress from scratch.
Things to learn about WordPress
Since it is so much you can learn, you have to start somewhere. In this article, we’ll give you a list of some topics that might be helpful when you’re learning WordPress for the first time.

1.What is WordPress and how to install it

WordPress is a CMS that powers over 75 million websites. So there are many things you need to know about WordPress. It would help if you started with the basics, such as installing WordPress, and choosing plugins and themes.

You also need to know why you need a domain and hosting service to install WordPress. Some hosting providers can provide a 1-click installer. However, some providers will require you to install WordPress manually.

2.Basic WordPress glossary: post, page, categories, admin dashboard, visual editor, etc.

As a WordPress beginner, it’s good to know some WordPress-related terminology, such as admin dashboard, visual editor, themes, plugins, etc. You will find these words in almost every WordPress tutorial.

3.WordPress plugins

Plugins help you improve the look and functionality of your website with little or no effort. There are over 56,000 free and paid plugins in the WordPress repository. In addition, thousands of third-party manufacturers create high-quality plugins for your website. So, you need to know which plugins best suit your needs and how to install them on your WordPress site.

4.WordPress Themes

Your website theme is the face of your website. Like plugins, there are thousands of themes you can find in the WordPress repository. You also have the option of purchasing premium themes from third parties. Each theme has its specificity and features. Websites with different purposes will need different themes. So you need to be careful when choosing the WordPress theme for your website.

5.How to customize WordPress

Every website is unique, and so is the customization. Although plugins and themes can have an impact from the start, their default settings may not meet your needs. So you’ll need to do some further customization of your website.

Recommended Resources for Learning WordPress
We’ve put together a list of topics on WordPress resources that we think you should learn. Now, let’s move on to the best resources for learning WordPress.

  1. Codex WordPress.org (free)
    The French-speaking portal of the WordPress Codex
    The WordPress Codex is just like the WordPress online manual. Hosted by WordPress.org, it is a reliable resource for learning WordPress for free. These pages offer comprehensive documentation on all matters related to WordPress. Therefore, it is suitable for any website, plugin, or theme developer who wants to get familiar with all the technical things behind WordPress.

The best thing is that the WordPress Codex is also a wiki. This means that you can participate in editing, translating, contributing, and also discussing each piece of information in its repository.

If your concern is learning WordPress on the surface, you can skip WordPress Codex without fear of missing out. But if you are looking for a little more information, this is where you need to go.

  1. WordPress TV (free)
    WordPressTV, WordPress tutorials site
    Like WordPress Codex, WordPress TV belongs to WordPress.org. The service is free, and there is no need to register. As the name suggests, WordPress TV uses video tutorials to share knowledge with its visitors. The videos are easily digestible for beginners and cover a wide range of topics such as how to use WordPress or recent news related to web development.

In addition, the videos are also made by WordPress users. As long as you comply with the terms of use, you can also submit your videos and join the community of WordPress users on the web.

  1. Lynda.com (paid)
    Lynda’s site helps users use WordPress
    Lynda offers online courses on general topics such as business, design, photography, software development, and more. WordPress coaching, of course, is one of them.

If you choose to learn WordPress with Lynda, you will get one month free. After that, you will have to pay €24.78 per month. If you choose the yearly plan, you get a 33% discount. Although it’s not free, the Lynda subscription is worth every penny. You can watch the video tutorials repeatedly, practice with quizzes and get certificates of completion. The topics are also categorized for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

  1. WordPress Tutorials on Hostinger.com
    Hostinger Tutorials to help users who are new to WordPress
    Hostinger, while primarily a web hosting solution, also has an extensive WordPress knowledge base. Its list of tutorials is an excellent source of information for all things web-related. You will find countless articles that will help you achieve your online glory.

The tutorials are completely free, and the site is beginner-friendly for those who want to find what they want to learn. It has an extensive section for all things WordPress. It’s the perfect place to get started once you’ve chosen the Hostinger hosting platform.

But don’t let the name “Tutorials” fool you. The articles are not limited to “How To” content. They also provide various topics such as plugin and theme recommendations or related technical issues. In addition, Hostinger tutorials also provide a good knowledge base for other content management systems, such as Joomla! and Drupal. You can find all the WordPress tutorials here.

  1. Smashing Magazine (free)
    Smashing Magazine’s website for WordPress tutorials
    Smashing Magazine is an online publishing magazine covering topics ranging from web design, graphic design, coding, and mobile development while being accessible.

We have included Smashing Magazine as one of the best resources for learning WordPress because it has an extensive category that exclusively contains everything related to WordPress. The articles are set up in a blog structure to make them easily digestible for readers. However, you may find that most of the pieces are not so beginner-friendly.

  1. Official WordPress lessons (free)
    wordpress.com to help new users use WordPress
    In addition to WordPress TV, WordPress.com has also launched a super beginner-friendly resource at learn.wordpress.com. This official tutorial will help you learn the basics of WordPress for free.

The official WordPress lessons will guide you step by step to perform the most basic configuration of your website. It covers tutorials from the preparation phase, choosing a theme, customizing your website, publishing posts and pages, and other essential functions. Although it is not filled with attractive images or videos, beginners can follow the steps quickly. This resource is not recommended if you want to learn WordPress at an intermediate level.

  1. Team Treehouse (free and paid)
    TeamTreeHouse website that offers WordPress courses
    Team Treehouse is another online course platform that allows you to learn WordPress online. Unlike Lynda, which offers online courses on various topics, Team Treehouse focuses on teaching technology-related areas.

Team Treehouse also offers a few paid packages. However, you have a free 7-day trial for each plan. The basic program will cost you about $25 per month. For those who want to learn all the more advanced features, Treehouse also offers the Pro and TechDegree plans, costing $49 and $199 per month. With these more advanced courses, Team Treehouse provides various benefits such as unlimited access, video uploads for offline learning, personalized feedback based on the code you’ve created, or a flexible schedule. In addition, this platform also offers packages for team-based learning of company-specific objectives.

  1. WP101 (paid)
    WP101 website that offers WordPress courses
    WP101 is a video platform that focuses on sharing all tutorials on WordPress. This platform is ideal for beginners. Moreover, WP101 promises that beginner users will understand WordPress essential in 1 hour.

WP101 videos are also categorized according to each difficulty level available for WordPress. In addition, WP101 will give you a closer look at popular plugins for WordPress, such as JetPack, Yoast SEO, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and more. This educational platform also offers helpful answers if you have any other questions about the forum.

You need to spend $49 per year to get the above services. If you want to get the free solution from WP101, you can do so by going directly to their blog.

  1. WP Sessions (paid)
    WPsessions website to help new WordPress users
    WP Sessions is a great platform when you’re ready to move from beginner level to more intermediate or advanced tutorials. The WP Sessions video collection helps you with more than just your WordPress site. Its goal is to help you launch your business in the best way possible.

You need to become a member if you want access to all its training content. But at only $8 a month, it’s not going to break the bank. If you already love it and want to upgrade your membership, you can buy an annual plan for 5 months free. This allows you to download training courses directly to your computer, get bonus courses, and receive personalized advice on the next steps.

  1. WP Apprentice (free and paid)
    WPapprentice website to help you learn WordPress
    WP Apprentice offers a free quick start that helps you learn the basics of WordPress in an hour. WP Apprentice provides the perfect course for a WordPress beginner with ten beginner-friendly video tutorials.

After that, you can move on to the WordPress Basic course, which offers more advanced training for beginners. For a one-time fee of $39, WP Apprentice provides videos and articles to help you learn WordPress.

  1. WPKube (free)
    WPkube’s website for learning WordPress
    WPKube is more of a blog than a course, but it still helps you learn WordPress. Plus, it’s free. You can check out guides and reviews for beginners and search in specific categories.

The best way to use WPKube is to sign up for its newsletter. This way, you’ll be able to stay informed about new content that will come directly to your inbox.

  1. iThemes Training (free and paid)
    iThemes website to learn WordPress
    iThemes has a WordPress training section set up just for tutorials. Everything from how to log in, add links, etc., iThemes also offers free live webinars that you can quickly sign up for on their site. And if you can’t make the next ones, you can watch past webinars without registering.

This site offers WordPress tutorials, but you can also learn branches of WordPress like SEO or plugins. The range of skill levels starts at the beginner level and goes to advanced courses.

Although many people agree that WordPress is friendly to non-technical users, beginners often find it confusing. That’s why we’ve selected the 12 most valuable resources where beginners and intermediate users can learn WordPress quickly. Do you have any experience in learning WordPress from the above-mentioned resources? Let us know your feedback in the section below.

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