11 Steps to create a business Facebook page

If you have decided to create a Facebook page for your business but have no idea how to do it, do not despair; by following these simple steps, you will discover how to create a Facebook page for business, and you will turn the process into a walk on the yellow brick road. Still, in the end, you will not find Oz, but the possibility to reach your customers thanks to social media.

And it’s not a far-fetched idea when you consider that Facebook has 1.8 billion monthly active users. So, among so much information being shared daily, Facebook pages help consumers learn about products that might be lost in the wide world of the internet. To create a Facebook page and optimize it for its potential to deliver results, follow these simple steps:

11 Steps to create a business Facebook page

1 log in to Facebook

The most crucial step to knowing how to create a Facebook page is to have an open profile on the platform. If you don’t have one, create one to link it to your company’s page and be its administrator. But do not forget that it is essential that the personal profile you create never has to communicate about your company. The personal account will be used to manage and administer the account and give access to other people once the page is created.

2 Create a company page

Once you have created your profile, go to the website. Another way to find it within the profile is to click on the pages section in the left column within this section; you will find the option to create a page.

3 Choose your category and page name

Perhaps the most complicated process when creating a Facebook page is choosing the name of your page. You will have to think it through before making it since Facebook only allows you to change the name and URL once. But in addition to the title, you will also have to decide on a brief description of your page and categorize your products in the options proposed by Facebook.

4 Add your profile picture

Right after creating the page, the next step is to choose the profile and cover image. The first one will serve as a visual guide of your page, corresponding to your company’s logo or most characteristic image. This image will be the one that will appear in the search results or comments that you publish, so you have to choose it well since it is the first impression that the user will have of your page. The recommended size is 180×180 pixels. Meanwhile, the cover photo is usually the brand image that helps attract the public, and its dimensions are 851×315 pixels.

11 Steps to create a business Facebook page

5 Add username

Choosing the username is the next step. With it, you will be able to customize the link to your page and optimize its search. Once this step is done, we advise you to go to the “see more” screen and access the information option to add your address, hours, website, and phone number, among other relevant data for your business.

6 Customize your page

And once you have finished this simple procedure, we come to the fun part. In this step, you should dedicate yourself to customizing your page by adding privacy policies, links to other social networks, a call to action button, and many other possibilities offered by Facebook.

7 Attract your audience

Once your page is created, Facebook will ask you to create an ad to attract visitors to your content. But you must keep in mind that your page has been created just at that moment, so promoting it without content is not a good idea since the consumer will not be attracted to “like” it and interact with your page again.

8 Start uploading content

The next step is to start making your Facebook page attractive. To do this, you will have to start posting relevant content and your brand’s values. Once we have enough content, we can begin to invite users to engage with our small community that has just started. To help in this critical process, Facebook provides several publishing options, from which we can choose:

11 Steps to create a business Facebook page
  • Status with plain text
  • Status with text and formatting, i.e., with default templates that will help you highlight your posts.
  • Photo with caption
  • Link with the caption
  • Video with caption
  • Event page
  • Location log
  • Live videos

Once you start having content and your old publications are lost with the new ones, you should know that Facebook has the option to upload to the first position the magazine you want for seven days. This way, you can highlight campaigns or special events of your brand so that it is the first thing users see when they enter your page.

9 Invite users to interact with your site

Once our page has content, we can make ourselves known in the Facebook community. To do this, we have to invite users to give us “likes” so that our page begins to generate engagement. How do we get it? Very easy: First, it is advisable to invite our closest circle to indicate that they like our page and thus have an initial activity. The second step is to ask the followers of our network and encourage them to interact creatively to attract them. And finally, we will focus on customers only once there is activity on our page, which will make them interested.

10 Analyze your growth

The good thing about Facebook having such a large community is that its users are very diverse. Their behavior is not the same depending on their age or origin, and even their hobbies will make them more or less interested in our page. The platform is aware of these behavioral habits, so it has provided a series of metrics so that we can take advantage of our business as much as possible.

Thus, if we click on the “Insights” option on the left bar, we can know the interaction of our page that day, the day before, the last seven days, and up to the previous 28. Facebook’s metrics are the actions on the page, page views, expected page views, reach of the publication, and likes, among many others.

11 Steps to create a business Facebook page

11 Configuration panel

Although this is not a step to follow in creating your page, you must know the functions to optimize it. In this bar, you will find the aforementioned “Statistics” option. Still, you will also be able to manage your store, the possible job offers you may have, be aware of your notifications, and access the publication tools, among many other options. You have to browse, investigate, and test your page to get to know them. Everything you do will be analyzed, and Facebook will help you in the process of optimizing your page.

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