10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

If you’re on the lookout for new strategies to generate additional income month after month, you should know that there are several ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch.

Monetizing LinkedIn, the largest job search engine on the planet, is entirely doable, and it’s something you can accomplish with no prior experience or knowledge.

However, thousands of users continue to see this platform as a simple alternative to uploading a CV or searching for a job.

If you are part of that group of people who are unaware of the potential of this network to earn money, it is time to discover everything it has to offer.

Although LinkedIn is also a great platform to boost your businesses or ventures on a global scale; or generate extra income.

Here are ten ways to make money with LinkedIn that you can make

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

1 Selling info products

  • Infoproducts, also known as digital products, can be marketed very well through this network with more than 700 million users.

If you are the author of an ebook, online course, seminar, training video, etc., you can successfully promote it on this platform of massive reach.

So you cannot underestimate this medium when designing your promotion and sales strategy.

2 Selling physical products

  • Adding this platform to your sales channels or resources will be a good strategy because it will help you make money with LinkedIn without leaving home.

However, you will have to invest some time and intelligence in this task to achieve good results.

Here are some of your most profitable options if you are determined to promote and sell physical products on this site:

Create individual product listings on your business page and boost their effect by using banners that link users to photos, videos, or landing pages where they can initiate their purchases.
Don’t forget to add a “Recommend” button on your product page. This option allows users to leave reviews, increasing security and trust in other potential customers.
Join niche groups, that is, those related to the category or type of product you sell. That way, you will promote it among your target audience.
Do not make direct promotions. The most effective strategy is to participate in the discussions or conversations generated in the groups.
The more useful or valuable you are to others, the more possibilities you will have to increase your sales.

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

3 Get sponsors

  • If you have companies or a business idea, you could make money with LinkedIn by attracting new sponsors.

For example, if you have a finance podcast and you want it to be openly sponsored, you can use this network to get your potential sponsors.

In this case, you will have to take advantage of the platform’s search page to get your potential advertisers.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the ads displayed in different spaces on LinkedIn, as some of them could be from a potential client.

4 Affiliate Marketing

  • make money with an affiliate blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with LinkedIn in 2021.

The first step is to join the most vital affiliate programs on the market, such as Amazon, ClickBank, Rakuten, or AliExpress, to apply for your affiliate links.

Don’t mistake sharing these links, as a sale, on LinkedIn because this strategy is usually very uncomfortable and unpleasant for users.

Ideally, it would help if you relied on content marketing or creating interesting and valuable posts for your audience from your blog or website.

If you manage to include affiliate links in publications designed to solve the problems or needs of your target audience, you will likely increase your conversion rate.

In other words, instead of posting your affiliate links directly on LinkedIn, you would have to share the links to your external posts (those where you have included a third party’s promotional material).

Post to your LinkedIn profile and groups and follow up on this affiliate marketing strategy.

Finally, you will receive a commission for every user who purchases with your affiliate links.

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

5 LinkedIn Advertising

  • Make money with LinkedIn advertising

Linkedin advertising is very effective because it allows you to show your products or services to thousands or millions of users worldwide.

However, you will have to invest money (at least a minimum amount) in the ads part of your advertising campaign on this platform.

Let’s suppose you are a creator of online courses and you want to promote them on this social network. Here’s what you should do:

Join Business LinkedIn.
Log in to “Campaign Manager.” From there, you create your promotional campaigns.
Configure your ad (define the format, target, budget, bid, etc.).
Activate your promoted content.

6 Get a new job

  • LinkedIn professional profile

LinkedIn is your best ally when getting a new job, either a remote or on-site job.

And the testimonials of users who have gotten the job of their dreams through this network are excellent.

You should follow some basic recommendations so that everything works in your favor and not against you (remember that it is a very competitive platform). These are the most valuable ones:

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

7 optimize your LinkedIn profile

  1. Create, adapt and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters or employers can know you exist.
  2. Network. Create trusting relationships or strategic alliances with other relevant users within this social network (This could change your life).
  3. Create a premium account, so you have access to more resources and tools to enhance your job search.
  4. If you already have some successful companies in mind where you would like to work, follow their LinkedIn pages, interact with their publications and followers, etc.
  5. Join groups related to your career, occupation, or trade. You must be present in suitable spaces.
  6. LinkedIn ProFinder
    This functionality is compelling to earn money with LinkedIn if you are a freelance or independent professional.

Its objective is to connect professionals with companies or users who are potentially interested in their services.

According to Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Profinder can help you get leads from third parties organized, reliable, and secure.

So, if you are a freelancer, you should use it as soon as possible since its database of freelancers is the largest in the world.

8 Networking

  • how to network powerfully

Networking takes time and patience, but if you learn to master it, you will be one step closer to making money with LinkedIn.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating groups related to your profession, company, or area of interest or joining those that already exist in this network.

For example, suppose you are a digital marketing specialist. In that case, you should be part of the largest groups related to this branch to gain authority in them and expand your network gradually.

Every time you become a new member of a group, your profile starts to be displayed in the right bar of the other members’ profiles.

Therefore, your exposure grows organically and naturally within a critical community for you because it is fully segmented and specialized.

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

9 Expand your database

  • Making money with LinkedIn by expanding your database is a very successful strategy.

Whether you promote your products or those of a third party, you must grow your email list on this platform.

The most effective and traditional way is to create “lead magnets.” These are free contents that users can access after providing simple data, such as:

Email address.
Telephone number.
Profession or occupation.
Then generate email marketing campaigns to promote your company, project, product, or service among that database in which you constantly invest time and effort.

According to Forbes figures, email marketing is still the most powerful tool to earn more money and take your business to the next level.

10 Ways to make money with LinkedIn from scratch

10 Recommended books

The more authority, credibility, and relevance you have on LinkedIn, the better chance you can redirect quality traffic to your blog or website and ultimately make money online.

Although once users visit these sites, you will have to execute alternative strategies to encourage their purchase intention and the desired conversion. The latter could be a:

Subscription to your newsletter.
Downloading content, etc.
Quality traffic from LinkedIn translates into more money flowing into your accounts.

Especially if your blog or website is responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly, which significantly impacts their buying decision.
You can make money with LinkedIn as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or professional:
Regardless of whether you are a freelancer, businessman, entrepreneur, or professional, you have everything in your favor to make money with LinkedIn from the comfort of your own home.

Remember that this platform is not only for job search but to diversify your sources of income generation in a successful and scalable way…

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