10 Tips to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates

I met you today to tell you about ten tips for making money with affiliation, thanks to Amazon.

How to proceed to generate a source of income with affiliation? 

What are the tricks to make more money with the Amazon Affiliate Program? 

What are the easy-to-implement methods that have proven themselves?

The famous and essential sales site Amazon has the most extensive affiliate program available on the internet.

I have already told you about it in my articles and videos, particularly in “Top 12 success stories in the world of affiliation.”

Here I showed you how to proceed and why it is fascinating to look into Amazon affiliation to generate a source of income.

I propose today to complete this information to allow you to go even further and earn even more money with the Amazon affiliate program.

I will reveal in this article the different tips that will allow you to boost your income.

Tip 1: Choose the right niche

To put all the chances on your side to be able to convert your visitors, they must trust you. 

To do this, they must be able to find clear and relevant information on your site that will help them in their choice and their decision.

There is no secret; you have to choose the niche or niches that suit you and are likely to interest your potential readers.

It is, of course, possible to bluff as to one’s knowledge in a particular field, but believe me, it is much more comfortable to master the subject at hand. 

The more credible you appear to your readership, the more they will trust you and the more your site will convert. It’s as simple as that.

It would help if you also chose your niche based on its products

Make sure that the niche you have chosen offers enough possibilities and products to allow you to feed your site correctly and regularly.

Tip 2: Place the affiliate link in the body text

Thanks to your content, you gain positions in Google searches and not thanks to your sales pages. 

Thus, by writing quality content providing accurate, relevant information, you will gain a place in the referencing of your site.

It is in this quality content that your affiliate link must be placed.

To convert your readership, you must place your affiliate links in the body of your text, that is to say, in the content that will have obtained a good referencing.

Tip 3: Get more traffic

To generate maximum clicks on your affiliate links, it is obvious that you need to get as much traffic as possible .

Indeed, if your conversion rate is 1% for example: for 2000 visitors you will convert 20 while for 15,000 visitors you will convert 150! 

Interesting no? 

This is why traffic is the basis of a profitable internet business.

To get more traffic, there are many methods such as: 

Writing quality articles of course, but also advertising, publishing on social networks, writing guest articles on other blogs… 

By optimizing your site as much as possible and your articles, you ensure maximum traffic that will convert your readers and earn you money.

Tip 4: Use lots of images

Human beings are very visual and love beautiful things. 

Being able to visually represent the object he wants to buy allows him to take action more easily and to project himself in possession of this object.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use lots of images in the description of the items you write about.

In addition to the many images that Amazon offers, it is advisable to complete with different images that make your reader think that you have actually tested this product and that you recommend it to them. 

Care must be taken to display images that seem more personal and less advertising 

This will increase the authentic effect of your content and thus considerably increase the trust of your readership and at the same time your conversion rate.

You need to position yourself as the expert’s opinion. 

A kind of crash test on which your visitor can rely to make his choices with confidence. 

These photos must therefore represent your expertise and offer as many relevant details as possible to the future buyer.

Tip 5: Write quality product reviews

To gain the trust of your readers, it is important to write high-quality product reviews.

It is essential that the person who reads your article feels that you are giving him objective and impartial information on the product in question.

You obviously have to talk about the strengths of this product, but remember that the customer is not fooled and that he will go one way or another to seek user opinions on this product. 

Your goal is to become the reference site to obtain this opinion allowing decision-making.

For that, you need to offer them a trusted review that looks completely genuine.

For this, you will inform yourself about the product and the real customer reviews in order to set up a clear, informative, realistic argument that encourages your customer to make the purchase, because you will have proven to him that this product is a good product. , because you have tested it or at least approved it.

Tip 6: Use a mailing list

In order to be sure to target readers potentially interested in the products of your affiliations, it may be wise to use a mailing list 

This allows you to keep readers who have already visited your site to look for information captive.

During his first visit, this reader will have had the opportunity to fill in his contact details in order to be part of your mailing list and thus not miss any of your publications and tips.

This person who is already interested in the information and products you recommend will be notified of each new feature and will therefore be likely to also be interested in the following ones.

In addition to feeling privileged to know in preview all your new products, 

you provoke the return of this person to your site on which you will most likely offer him other products that can attract his attention.

By using the mailing list, you offer your readers constant monitoring and real-time information on news in your niche.

Your loyal reader will have no effort to make to follow your news, which will greatly facilitate the purchasing process by offering him products he hadn’t even thought of and which could possibly interest him.

You thus create the desire to which you respond immediately by informing them in a complete and objective manner about the product in question.

Tip 7: Study seasonality

Needless to say that you will be much less likely to sell garlands in the middle of July and that your rate of sale of swimsuits will not be at the top in winter and just after the excesses of the holidays!

By studying the seasonality of the products you offer, you anticipate sales declines and wisely choose the products to highlight in order to maintain a reasonable conversion rate and above all to increase it.

By doing a camera review very shortly before summer vacation or end-of-year gifts, you are likely to see your conversion rate explode, because the timing will be perfect.

You will have anticipated the demand, the desires and the questions of your readers who will only have to seize the information to take action.

Tip 8: Track Your Sites Individually

As you progress, you will most likely want to diversify your sites to increase your sources of income. And that’s a very good thing!

It is important at this time to take the time to manage each of your sites individually and to do things in order and method.

In order to have a quality follow-up of the evolution of your conversion rates, take the time to create different tracking codes for each of your sites . Thus, you will be able to adjust your strategy in a clear and precise way and knowing exactly where the sales are coming from.

It is important to be able at any time to know the profitability of your sites one by one in order to avoid wasting your time and, at the same time, your money.

To do this, create different tags for each site on Amazon as well as on Google Analytics.

Tip 9: Do Split Tests

A Split Test is a process for testing two versions of the same thing in order to deduce which is the best solution of the two.

The idea here is to test absolutely all the options available to you when it comes to setting up and laying out the page and product reviews.

You will therefore test the locations of the CTAs, the button sizes, the colors, the layouts of the headings, the ways of presenting the product in different ways. 

Take each of the parameters into account in order to choose the option that works best and gives you a better conversion rate.

Depending on this you will judge which is the most effective option to continue to increase your conversion rate.

Tip10: Increase your conversion with YouTube

One of the options available to you that can generate a good conversion rate is the YouTube platform.

If you are able to review a product on video, go for it!

As we have seen previously, human beings are very visual and they will derive more inspiration and advice from the videos they have watched than from the articles they have read.

A video showing your determination to give them an informed and impartial opinion on a product will immediately have an effect on the trust that your readers place in you when choosing their products.

The more relevant your videos are, the more you will convert your readers into buyers .

The advantage of YouTube videos is that they allow you to put the link to the affiliate product directly in the description of the video. In this way, your listener will not even need to come and consult your article to finalize his acquisition process, he can, directly under the video, click on the link bringing him back to the product, but also to your commission!

You have just learned 10 important tips to increase your conversion rate on the Amazon Affiliate Program. 

But you want even more. How do you get started in entrepreneurship and become a successful entrepreneur? 

No worries, I prepared a free 2-hour training in which I show you how I got started on the internet from literally 0 and how I managed to make a living from it in the first place, and to grow my activities. in a second time.

You now have all the keys in hand to find information and train yourself to become a copywriter capable of generating maximum sales so…

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