10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds - How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds – How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

Having bought and sold items on eBay classifieds for years, I’m always amazed at the poor and carelessly designed sales ads from other sellers. Vendors don’t even realize how many customers slip through their fingers because of poor quality photos, inadequate item descriptions, and lack of contact information. That doesn’t have to be the case, so I will give you ten tips to make your eBay classified ads more successful. Using these ten tips, you can dramatically increase your chances of making a sale! The key to success is simple: put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and tailor your sales pitch precisely to their wishes! Here I will tell you what you must do.

10 Tips for Greater Success with eBay Classifieds

Determine the value of your item!

Before listing any item for sale on eBay classifieds, you should determine the value of your item. To do this, I recommend viewing closed and sold offers on ebay.de (the auction house, not the classifieds portal). Click here to see the search function for closed requests. Enter a common search term for your item and check the “Sold items only” box. You can then get an overview of all similar items recently sold on eBay.de, including the sale price. You then look for items sold at a fixed price that matches your item (size, function, age, condition, etc.). What is the maximum fixed price for similar items on eBay.de? You should also sell your items on eBay classified ads at this fixed price.

10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds - How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!
10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds – How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

Sell at the usually fixed price!

Many potential buyers confuse eBay classified ads with Oriental bazaars, where you can haggle until the doctor comes. Their inquiry usually begins with the legendary phrase: “What’s the final price?” Such potential buyers will only spend time and effort. If you want a specific price for an item, state a transparent fixed price and not engage in negotiations. Do not offer any merchandise under the abbreviation VB (Basis of Negotiation), and it will only attract people who want to have everything for free.

photos, photos, photos! The more, the merrier!

Everyone, in fact, everyone who is interested, wants to know as much as possible about your sale items before they buy, and they can only do that if you take and upload a lot of meaningful photos. Photograph your sale items from all sides, take all the details, and make sure you can see them in the photos (no blurry photos!). No one is just going to drive up to your house and look at your items, although some sellers still believe they will. People want photos, and they want to know what they’re getting before getting your item. This is especially important for items that are shipped. So make an effort to use photos of your items and upload as many as you can; it will significantly increase your chances of making a sale!

Write clear and detailed item descriptions!

Clear and detailed item descriptions, along with item photos, form the basis of successful selling on eBay classifieds. Many sellers still underestimate the importance of item descriptions. Sure, writing a good item description is tedious and time-consuming, but the work pays off! Describe your selling item in full detail. In particular, provide information about the item’s condition, functionality, and any defects that may exist. Is the item a specific model number? If so, please provide the complete model number. What is the price of the new item? How often has it been used? What can it be used for? Is the item sold, and does it have any special features, such as add-ons or modifications? What are the advantages of the article, and what do you use it for? How much should it cost and at what price would you send it? Important: Describe the project in detail and express yourself clearly and unambiguously! Avoid vague statements such as “item shows signs of wear for its age” and instead be very specific in listing signs of use and defects. A good item description leaves no unanswered questions for the potential buyer. Your goal must be that the prospective buyer can immediately decide to buy based on the item description without having to ask any questions! He must have the impression that he knows exactly what he is getting from you; for example, there must be no doubts about the condition of the item, and then he will buy it immediatel

10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds - How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!
10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds – How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

enter your phone number: immediately for the interested party!

Many people buy out of spontaneous impulse. They like something and then want it immediately. This desire often doesn’t last long. Some people will change their mind within a few minutes, for example, because they found a better offer or consulted a partner who advised against the purchase. That’s why it’s important to close the deal as soon as possible before interest in buying expires again. Don’t miss these spontaneous buyers! Tip: By entering your phone number in your eBay classifieds, your potential buyers can reach you by phone at any time, and then they can contact you as soon as they are in the buying mood. In addition to your cell phone number, you should also specify your landline number, as some interested parties will avoid making expensive phone calls using their cell phones. 6.

10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds - How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!
10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds – How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

Specify shipping costs in the ad text!

With millions of people from all over Germany visiting the eBay classifieds platform every day, anyone can be your customer. However, this is only possible if you offer to ship the item and don’t insist on picking it up yourself. Only interested people from your area can pick up. People who live further away are not buyers. Tip: For all items that can be shipped, you should also provide shipping costs and state them in the ad text. Every inquiry about shipping and shipping costs will only take time, and the longer a potential customer waits for the information he needs, the higher the risk that he will jump ship. Shipping is usually much easier and cheaper than you might think. Besides Deutsche Post (DHL), there are many other shipping companies such as Hermes, DPD, or GLS. Even in the country, the nearest parcel receiving point is not far away, as shipping companies have established parcel outlets covering the whole country. Today, many small stores, stores, supermarkets, and gas stations accept parcels from various shipping companies. No one needs to drive to the nearest post office to send a parcel. In addition, DHL and Hermes, for example, offer parcel pickup services at the front door. For a small surcharge, a courier will even come to your home and take your parcel for delivery. It couldn’t be easier!
High shipping costs are a deterrent to potential buyers, so you should always send your items at cost. Compare shipping rates from various shipping companies. As a rule of thumb, DHL is the cheapest for small and light items. For shipments weighing up to 1 kg, consignment is by far the cheapest way to ship. For heavy items weighing up to 25 kg, Hermes and DPD are usually the cheapest options. Even large items can be shipped, with normal DHL packages up to 120 x 60 x 60 cm. For larger items, there are also shipping forms for large shipments.

Watch your writing style and spelling!

The eBay classifieds do not have an appraisal profile like the auction house eBay. Therefore, it is difficult for interested parties to assess whether the seller is reputable and trustworthy. This is why it is important to pay attention to good writing style and correct spelling when developing a classified ad. Both prove education, and an obviously educated person seems more serious and trustworthy as a seller than a seller who does not express himself well and makes spelling mistakes in every two words.

enter your full name!

Many sellers on eBay classified ads do not use their full names for advertising but hide them behind their initials or the popular “private.” They always seem to have something to hide. But buyers want to know who they are dealing with and prefer vendors who appear under their real names. So: give your full name, look more serious, build trust among potential customers and thus increase your chances of making a sale.

Relist unsold items regularly!

If your offer has not found a buyer after a week in the eBay classifieds marketplace, you should upload the same offer again. Background: Many interested people are lazy and only look at the last offer. They also don’t scroll 2-3 pages to see old ads. That’s why it’s important to relist unsold items because they will only be seen by more interested people. If there are no viewers yet, you should only remove the old, identical ads. 10.

10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds - How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!
10 Tips for Greater Success with EBAY Classifieds – How to Sell More and Get Higher Prices!

Don’t reserve items for potential customers

If you’ve ever sold something on an eBay classified ad, you’re probably familiar with this problem: Many interested people promise to pick it up in 2-3 days, and you just need to hold it until then. In fact, most people never report back after that. Meanwhile, you may have turned down some other interested parties because you had a firm commitment. In the end, you end up empty-handed and unsold. Just a firm commitment to buy no longer has value on eBay classifieds. People promise a lot but deliver very little. That’s why I can only urgently recommend that you don’t hold anything back and always insist on a timely purchase by picking up the item yourself or by bank transfer.

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