10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

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Are you looking for work-from-home ideas? Want to make money on eBay?
Since a few weeks ago, I have resumed my eBay selling, and today I want to share ten steps I followed to earn $100 in less than a month.

Using eBay to make money from home is a realistic and flexible option for working from home.eBay can also become fun if you like to find good deals and save money.

It’s always good to diversify income sources! I’m not sure what the next level will be regarding income and time; for the moment, I’m happy with the quick results and the opportunity to go shopping every week.

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

1 Open your eBay account

To get started, you must open a personal eBay account. To get started, you do NOT need to open a store.

A personal account is free, and you currently receive 50 free listings every month. (this can change at any time).

Choose a name for your profile and complete your registration. You will also need a verified Paypal account to receive your money and complete the sales process.

2 Analyze what you can find Branded second-hand clothing stores

Succeeding on eBay is possible, but you need to do some analysis.
It is always important to know what sells well and also what, on the contrary, does not have much movement on the platform.

You will find that you have two options to sell your stuff:

Option N1: You can sell them at auctions. You set the starting price and the duration.

Option N2: You can sell them in standard sale format for a fixed price and a “buy it now” option. You can also offer the “best offer sale.”

I use the second option more.

I recommend you buy something on eBay that you need to start knowing how the buying and selling process works.

You will also realize that each buyer/seller has a profile with a rating, and it is essential to get good ratings so that your profile looks good and inspires confidence.

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

3 Visit your closet for half-price brand name clothing

I like that you do NOT need to invest money to get started on eBay.

To get your initial inventory, visit your closet to find clothes that have the potential to sell. You’ll clean out your closet and find free stuff to sell

Good brand name clothes and new clothes with store tags are perfect.
Just enter the brand of the garment you want to sell on eBay and see how much money other people are selling similar clothes of the same brand for.

Easy. Look around your house and search for toys, DVDs, accessories, and things you still have, new or in good condition. I’m sure you’ll find something.

I also recommend going through your garage, basement, and attic. Some people find new things they forgot they had … Your house becomes a magical house!

4 Visit the mall

It’s time to visit that nice mall or shopping center with costly stores. Why? Because if you are like me, who knows little about expensive brands, it is essential to educate yourself about the fashion brands people are looking for and the prices people are willing to pay.

Once at the mall, take note of the brands you find and the prices. You will be amazed at ALL you can learn.

If the mall is your second home, you can skip this step. But if you don’t visit the mall often or buy almost everything online, I think a walk through the mall can be very inspiring.

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

5 Organize your space

I’m obsessed with order and love to create organizational processes.

That’s why my eBay sales have specific organization because it terrifies me to end up with a bunch of cluttered inventory all over the house.

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Organize the space where you’ll take photos and store your inventory from the start. You don’t need to run out and buy containers or other things. You can use items and baskets you already have in your home.

Choose a space in your home with lots of natural light to take pictures. I recommend taking excellent photos with a clean background.

Don’t take pictures of your inventory on the floor or top of the covers of your bed. Always put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. Would you like to see the dress you want to buy on the floor?

6 Get materials

It would help if you were prepared to mail your sales soon, so I recommend getting what you need to pack your stuff before posting your inventory.

You never know when your first sale will come. Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend a fortune on materials. I recommend the following to get you started:
Scale or weighing scale (scale)
Mailing bags (Poly mailers)
Clear bags
Mailing envelopes
Measuring tape
Tip: Request to receive free packing materials for Priority Mail packages from the USPS website.

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

7 Download the eBay App

The official eBay app is one of my favorite tools for selling on eBay.
This App allows you to do almost everything from your phone.
Download the App right now and familiarize yourself with its features.
The eBay app is straightforward to use.
The App is also handy when you need to quickly search for a product or item you want to sell.

8 Ask yourself … Would I buy that?

Ready to start selling?BEFORE you post something, I recommend you answer the following questions. By answering the following questions, you will save time, be successful and avoid disappointment.

Would I buy that? Good, friendly, applicable?
How much money am I going to make? Is it worth the work to publish that?
How much money is other people or websites selling it for?
How hard is it to mail the package? Size? Weight?
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9 Publish your inventory

You don’t need to be an eBay expert to start listing your stuff. As in everything, experience is what makes us experts.

Remember to choose a purposeful title, using the words that best describe what you will be selling. The limit is 80 characters, and that includes spaces. Use them all!

Price competitively. When you are not sure about the price, search eBay to find out the price of something similar that has been sold before, and with that as a reference, choose the price.

Remember the shipping part. Use your scale or weight scale to know exactly how much you will be paying for shipping.

10 Steps to make money on eBay and get $100

10 Patience and perseverance

It may take a few days to get your first sale, but THAT sale is the most exciting.

I recommend choosing to receive alerts on your phone when you receive a purchase offer.

Those alerts are the ultimate! It is possible to make money on eBay, but it is NOT easy money, mainly if you have never sold on eBay before.

To guarantee that you are going to have sales, I recommend:

Take several nice pictures. Straightforward, clean, pleasing to the eye.
Price your stuff reasonably. Remember, it’s eBay. You will be competing with other stores, experienced sellers, and big brands.
Fully complete the listing of your items. Add description, features, price, and shipping.
Update your account frequently. Experts say eBay likes to see active accounts that post products often.
Use your social networks to promote your sales wisely and ethically. Make good use of all your time on social media and share your products. Tip: Pinterest is a visual network that can work wonders.
As you can see, eBay is down to a science.

I think eBay is a platform with many potentials that opens doors for us to create an additional income for our families without investing a lot of money.

Let me know how eBay works for you, and I hope you can use these tips to reach your goals.

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