10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

In this article, discover ten profitable microservices that can be offered on Fiverr or 5euros, even if you don’t have any specific experience in the relevant field.

Ready to get started? Start developing your offer by.

I’m going to…

1. Write a blog post

Online writing is booming, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a great writer to get started.

You can write about any topic if you have the right approach, research, analytical skills, impeccable syntax, spelling, or thereabouts!

No matter the topic, you can always find articles on the Internet that already address the same issue, especially if you can also do your research in English.

You can use it as a source by reformulating the ideas discussed and further developing those that seem important to you through further research.

How do you develop your writing proposal?

A good microservice formula might be.

“I will spend 5 US Dollar to write your 400-word blog post”.

Some useful tools for self-study training in writing for the web

The following tools are helpful for your first steps in writing a blog post.

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

1. YouTube

Our favorite Youtube channels include.

Income School.

Neil Patel

Brian Dean

Passive Income Geek

2. Plagiarism Checker

It is a free plagiarism checker that offers other features such as text correction identifying errors.

You can access it at this link.

3. Yoast Search Engine Optimization

It is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress.

This will be useful if you plan to start writing SEO-optimized articles.

4. Your text.guru

It is a web writing and SEO helper that can be used as an alternative to Yoast SEO.

It can be found at https://yourtext.guru

5. DeepL Translator

This computer program allows you to translate text partially written in English if you want to use it as a source.

This application can be used on this site.

6. Google Docs

This handy tool allows you to write online, save documents online, share them and track their modifications in real-time.

Additional options to increase the total value of your offer

Here are some ideas for opportunities to increase the value of microservices.

Adding words

Add title tags and meta description tags

Insert keywords

Insert copyright-free images

Insert relevant anchors and links

Topic search

Article Publishing

Remember that it is best to offer attractive prices for your debut and increase them every 2-3 months as you accumulate the authority of positive reviews on the platform.

Create a Facebook banner

Creating a Facebook banner is not only the job of a graphic designer.

By watching some explanatory videos, especially on YouTube, and using the right tools.

“I’ll create your professional Facebook banner for $12” might be a good idea for offering microservices, both in terms of the wording and price of the offer.

Two practical self-learning graphic design tools

To learn how to create a Facebook banner yourself, you can use the following tools.

You can go to

Adobe Banner Creator, which works just as well as the previous one.

Additional options to increase the value of this microservice

Variations of banners in different formats: Twitter, YouTube, 5euros, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups format, etc.

Retouching of images

Unlimited edits

Avatar or related profile picture

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

2. Record out-of-frame audio

Off-camera is the process of involving an invisible person in the narration during a video sequence.

By following a clear tutorial and using the right tools, making a high-quality off-camera recording without a professional studio is entirely possible.

Useful tools for self-training

You can equip yourself to produce excellent off-camera narration by

Microphone: I recommend using a microphone model equipped with a tripod (to free your hands while recording) and a blast filter, which will prevent the listener from unpleasant noises caused by air movement during the pronunciation.

High-performance recording software: I recommend Audacity and Camtasia, which are the most popular by far.

Extra options for irresistible offers and their prices

It is a basic microservice idea.

“I will record your text as an out-of-picture voice (up to 200 words) for $10.”

As long as you have real expertise in the field, you can choose to offer.

Text synchronization on video

Mixing voice-overs over sound or music backgrounds

or complete transfer of development rights for all commercial purposes, including social networks

3. editing Youtube videos

Here, your services can be.

“I will edit your YouTube video (1 minute) for $5.”

Some useful tools to train video editing

To learn how to edit YouTube videos, you can use the following editing software with tutorials.

Filmora video editor


Windows movie maker

Youtube Video Editor

Ideas for six additional options to offer when editing Youtube videos

Add a minute of editing time

Create YouTube thumbnails

Subtitles for up to 2 minutes or up to 5 minutes

Add 3 minutes of editing time

Add copyright-free background music

10 to the 20-second video intro

4. Publish blog posts on WordPress

Publishing articles on WordPress is one of the most frequent jobs on freelance platforms, and it can be an excellent springboard to start and accumulate your first positive reviews as a freelancer.

To achieve this, you don’t need to over-equip yourself: a good Internet connection, powerful computer tools, and access to relevant sites are all you need.

Additional options and rates to make the offer profitable

“I will publish your blog posts to WordPress for $5” may be a good idea for offering essential microservices.

You can also choose to offer.

Publish additional articles


Add three royalty-free photos

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

5. Set up Google Ads campaigns

With Google Ads, it is possible to create ads that play on the web by targeting strategic keywords to reach as many Internet users as possible.

Does this sound (rather) technical to you? Rest assured that even without specific expertise in the field, you can train yourself and offer profitable micro-services related to it.

Some useful tools to train yourself for digital marketing

Here are some resources to help you set up your Google Ads campaigns.

Keyword Planner for keyword research.

Google Analytics (free web analytics software that provides basic statistics and analysis tools for SEO)

Videos or written tutorials, such as this complete guide

Additional options and prices to earn more

An introductory offer for this microservice might be.

“I will set you up with a $20 Google AdSeries”.

As an option, you can offer.

Create a simple campaign, adding an ad group with 10 to 20 keywords and one ad

Create an “expert” level campaign with unlimited keywords and ads, turnkey (up to 2 topics)

Create a Google Analytics account and associate it with a Google Ads account

Two weeks of follow-up on the daily management of auctions, keywords, ads, and statistical evolution to optimize it

One month of monitoring and optimization

Video report at the end of the campaign, including Google Ads Analytics and Google Analytics

Create personalized online interactive reports – Data Studio

Joint management of Google Ads and Youtube campaigns for one month

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

6. Daily posts for a week on Instagram and Pinterest

To get started with this microservices concept, you only need the relevant apps, and if you don’t have them yet, you can quickly learn to operate them.

You can find tips to optimize your publications and save time on Youtube. Here are some exciting channels.

Anastasia bloggers

Vanessa Rau

Sonny Lenarduzzi

Depending on the intended purpose of the Instagram and Pinterest page, posting ideas will be discussed with customers.

Options sold as add-ons.

For the introductory offer, a minimum price of $10 is reasonable.

As an option, you can offer.

A link in the bio

Two publications per week

One daily journal for one month

Reply to comment for one month

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

7. Be your virtual assistant

With the same logic, you can offer yourself a personal virtual assistant to perform various tasks, including data entry, small secretariat, or client management.

Here, it is best to opt for hourly billing, and for beginners, a payment of 5 to 7 euros per hour may be a good idea.

Very often, it is the client who defines the specific type of skills he needs.

Even without experience, some tutorials related to the tasks to be performed can give you a debut in the field of virtual assistance with optional overtime, skills, or additional services.

8. Instruction in your profession

We all have something to teach, something we know how to do well and are willing to share with the rest of the world.

With a bit of professionalism, it’s entirely possible to make a living doing so with a freelance platform like Fiverr or 5euros.

Once you’ve identified an area where you have some basic knowledge or more, you can browse the microservices offered to see how much is being offered and how much is being charged.

You will also find tools available to improve your skills and ideas for additional options beyond your professional coaching.

10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros
10 Profitable Microservices for Sale on Fiverr and 5euros

Coaching Ideas Seen on $5

I will advance your guitar playing

I will be your coach for successful direct sales

I will walk you through your life changes

I will coach you in your job interviews

I will walk you through your athletic goals

I will teach you how to improve your rap texts

I will teach you to draw and paint

I will walk you through your business plan

I will teach you English

I will discuss with you and stay with you

9. Offer eBooks or PLRs with resale rights

Resale of ebooks or Private Label Rights (PLR) is one of the most popular microservice ideas on the Freedom Platform because it is profitable.

You can offer third-party products such as 9E-books or Udemy courses as an introductory offer.

Per-course or per-e-book pricing is best, but you can also offer volume pricing to attract more customers.

Some useful tools to get started

You can purchase eBooks for resale on specialized platforms such as 1TPE or System io Marketplace.

Browsing these platforms will give you an idea of how it works in practice.

After some practice and mastery, you may want to consider purchasing an eBook and reselling it from a reputable vendor such as Amazon.

Additional Options

As an additional option, you can offer.

More books or courses.

Private links for downloading endless eBooks.

Offer your customers your complete eBook collection and all resources.

Of course, each option must be billed accordingly (up to an additional 50 EUR).


It is possible to offer profitable microservices on platforms like Fiverr and 5euros, even if you (yet) have no practical experience.

You need to be motivated enough to choose one of the microservices or activity areas that appealed to you before and be determined to learn new concepts.

It’s easy to get started with free tools. In the meantime, you can quickly train yourself to become a self-learner by following written tutorials, following youtube videos at …… and (most importantly) by practicing daily.

Whether you’re looking for extra income or starting a full-time freelance career, the ball is in your court right now!

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