Linkedin is a professional network and perhaps currently the one with the most significant potential for professionals and companies looking for business, making it an excellent source for generating revenue. Linkedin now has 630 million users and is the #1 network for generating B2B leads


Many people and companies do what they do are to have activity on Linkedin and refer their readers to a website, which is very valid, but the money is in the contacts.

In LinkedIn, more than content, success is in Networking; the easiest ways of monetization are:

Affiliate Marketing
Selling physical and digital products
Let’s start from the most prominent part, optimize your profile; whatever your goal is, you must have a profile that attracts and understand what you are looking for; for example, if on Instagram you have a personal profile, and overnight you sell some product without first fixing the shape, people who follow you will not understand it. The same happens on Linkedin your profile must be described for your primary objective.


Understanding how the platform works:

Linkedin offers several types of posts, and in the same way, they can be monetized differently:

  • Profile
  • Publication of articles
  • Groups
  • Advertising

Each of these channels offers some monetization that, well managed, can leave you an extra income.

Include advertising in the articles you publish
Use affiliate marketing links
Sell your products or services
The simple rule of content monetization means using content as a sales vehicle, you can sell your products or someone else’s, but you must sell something to make money.

In broad strokes, this is the way to monetize these channels:


This is the most common way to monetize your profile and knowledge; that is the purpose of Linkedin, to create a professional network. Everything you post or promote on your profile will help build your brand.PROMOTE AFFILIATE PRODUCTS IN POSTS OR GROUPS

You can include links to websites almost everywhere on the platform, but in groups that are not yours, the group administrator can remove them. Be careful with the number of links you promote, many people don’t like it, and you can lose contracts.



It does not work like a website, where you sell space for other brands, but you can promote what you do or your products.

Let’s make an example of how you can monetize a profile:

Juan is a Photographer, so he completes his professional profile. In his network, he does Networking; Juan creates a group in his profile called “advertising photography” and invites people to connect. He creates content and frequently publishes topics related to photography, so his network grows in the niche that he dominates (photography). How will Juan monetize his profile?

Juan found a way to earn money and more clients:

  1. In his profile, he clarifies that he provides advertising photography services.
  2. In his publications, he offers his services
  3. With the people he adds and accepts to his network, he gives a sample of his portfolio.
  4. Juan publishes an event about the World Congress of Photography, for which he receives a commission.
  5. Juan publishes on Linkedin and attracts more potential clients to his advertising photography business.
  6. In his group, he sells an ebook “how to take pictures with low light intensity.”
  7. He also sells lenses and accessories for photography in his group.
  8. Juan publishes that he advises photographers about advertising photography.
  9. Juan is offered a full-time job as a photographer.
  10. Juan publishes his website, where he sells more products and services.

You have it; Juan has ten ways to generate income with Linkedin for all those who only use it to see offers and miss thousands of opportunities.

No matter your profession, you can even turn a Hobbie into a way to generate income. in short, You optimize your profile, create a niche, use Linkedin channels, and sell and sell.


Here are several ways to monetize your profile:

  • offer services such as consulting, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Consultancies according to your profession
  • Graphic design, Logos, etc.
  • Web page design
  • Sell digital products, Ebooks,
  • Sells Videos, training, tutorials, Webinars, courses,
  • Sell physical products such as books
  • Photography
  • Classes
  • Selling services for others
  • Real estate
  • Affiliate marketing, if you have a niche or a good number of contacts, you can promote third-party products, but they must be significantly related to your niche.
  • If you have a good number of contacts and a reasonable budget, you can advertise on Linkedin for different companies.
  • Sponsors look for sponsors to promote an event; many companies seek to reach many people for some circumstances; you can offer this service if you have a good network.

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