10 Advantages of Facebook for businesses

Entrepreneurs often think about whether the presence on social networks like Facebook has advantages and benefits for their company. If the fact on Facebook will improve the company’s visibility, if it will give quantitative and qualitative benefits, if it is a medium in which “sticks” your activity, etc…

This article tells you about the advantages of creating a Facebook page for your company.

1) Branding

Transfer the company’s image to the public and improve your customers’ perception of your company in the market. With social networks, geographical limits do not exist (even if you filter the characteristics of your Facebook). So you can get customers anytime from anywhere. If your content is liked and shared, you can convert a follower into a future customer. Working in the right way, the content is relevant to achieve this. It is an excellent way to create and convey brand values that position your company in the market.

10 Advantages of Facebook for businesses

2) Effective advertising

Facebook is the social network where advertising works best. It offers a large number of options for targeting. It has several advertising formats adaptable to your business. In addition, the critical advantage, in this case, is that the budget can be meager.

3) Great communication channel

Facebook posts offer a direct and effective way of communicating all your company’s news to the public. Content with a close message allows you to win over customers and create a need to buy or enjoy your company’s products or services.

4) New customers

When you make publications, the reach can be more significant the more your followers spread it. When you interact with them, the probability of making yourself known is much higher.

5) You can manage your online reputation

Your presence on Facebook allows you to control many of your statistics. For any crisis, it is a tool that, if managed well, can help you turn around and take advantage of it and win over the “future customer.”

10 Advantages of Facebook for businesses

6) Direct feedback and personalized communication with the customer

With Facebook, you can reach any market niche your company addresses with close and understandable communication.

7) Generate traffic to your website

You can link the social networks and websites to connect and synchronize. From Facebook, you can increase the number of visits to your company’s website.

8) Create events

To give maximum diffusion to your company’s events, Facebook is a good option. In addition, you can know in an approximate way the people who will attend or if the event is interesting for the public.

9) New lines

When you make publications, the reach can be more significant the more your followers spread it. When you interact with them, the probability of making yourself known is much higher.

10 Advantages of Facebook for businesses

10)Create strategic alliances

Create alliances with local businesses and give a plan of action that suits both parties.
Another practice of enormous benefit of Facebook for local businesses is the opportunity to establish strategic alliances with other companies in your city which are not your competitors but share a similar audience to yours.

Take advantage of Facebook Stories to ensure your content and spread your location.
As we may know, Facebook recently enabled the creation of stories by commercial pages on the Social Network. In case you didn’t know, a report is a content that lasts, by default, only 24 hours from the moment it is published before it is automatically deleted.

This quality enables brands and businesses to publish more informal and everyday content. Now, how can publishing stories help your business? Very simple! It serves to increase your visibility on Facebook, thanks to the strategic placement of these publications.

Facebook stories are the first thing users see when they enter the application since they are known at the top of the home screen, as shown in its image. The idea is to join efforts on Facebook, expand the audience of each business, maximize the dissemination of content and collaborate mutually with the dissemination of each company involved.

For example, suppose you have a company that sells plumbing products, bathroom fixtures, faucets, etc… In that case, a good ally could be a paint shop in your city since they share the same target audience (people who are remodeling their homes) without competing (on the contrary, they complement each other).

Thus, we recommend you take advantage of this publication format on Facebook to talk about your daily offers, promote your recent posts, announce contest winners, spread links, new products, and any communication that you want to reinforce your business.

In all cases, remember to include a geotag in your Facebook Stories (i.e., a tag with your location, put onto your city or your business) to appeal directly to people living in your region.

10 Advantages of Facebook for businesses

Check out the following article to learn how to make the most of Facebook Stories.

To conclude this article, we can say that if you want to be successful with your Facebook strategies for local businesses, you need to
be a sure solid foundation to reach your audience. And for that, the practices mentioned here (promoting on Facebook, creating chatbots, making partnerships, and leveraging stories) are essential.

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